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Normal is no fun.

I'm proof. (:

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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:Kentucky, United States of America
My obsession is Knight Rider. I watch it for the car. q:

In the past few years, I have become disabled due to chronic vertigo and chronic pain in my left ankle. I write fiction - both original and fanfiction - and dabble in different crafts. I crochet, sew, paint, cross stitch, woodburn, do origami, photomanipulate, assemble model cars, customise My Little Ponies, make earrings, weave beaded bracelets, and make sad attempts at drawing. I play World of Warcraft on an RP server and don't care if people think PvP is the only way to play. I'm still in love with my Pontiac 6000. I suffer from family stresses, and am trying to get myself out of a bad situation. With any luck, I'll be moving before long. If there's anything I've missed... too damn bad.

At the moment, I'm mostly writing Criminal Minds fanfiction that focuses on Hotch/Reid. There will probably also be a ton of Knight Rider fanfiction posted here, too, eventually. I love writing, and I'm hoping that making my self accountable will make me actually FINISH a writing project for once!
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